Life of a Global Desi

8. Growing up Queer. Ft. Varun Singh

March 27, 2020

What is growing up Queer Desi like? What role does pop-culture play in education about LGBTQ? What did the reading down of Section 377 do for the movement? What still remains to happen so one day everyone, despite perceived differences can dream equally? For all this and more, join in a delightful conversation with Varun Singh who leads the India pride chapter at work and demonstrates action to inclusion. Varun is a great sport and suggested alternate titles to this episode which include "Life of a Gay-Sha", "Global Gaysi", "the gaytheist manifesto", "Homo-genius", "Life of bi", "I'm Queerious"! We love all of them and his sense of humor is palpable as you listen! Which are your favorites?

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