Life of a Global Desi

21. Travel Adventures of a Tiny Lady and working with WWF - Nickolai Kinny Withmore

June 26, 2020

Our guest for this episode is Nickolai Kinny - Whitmore, who has spent her life writing, wandering and wayfaring 4ft 11inches above ground. Her blog Adventures of a tiny lady is her 12-year-old travel diary. When she's not traveling she's working hard to save the planet with WWF, one of the biggest nature charities of the world. She has freelanced and worked with the likes of NASA, Forbes, Techcrunch, Airbnb and even Netflix all whilst traveling around the globe. These days she is based out of Surrey, England where she can be found growing her own food and working on her 3rd book. So excited to talk to her about travel, writing, and living in UK!

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